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Emily Clark
Friday 13 December 2013
Over the next couple of months NFP is on hiatus, to enjoy the festive period and plan the next step!
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How to enjoy The Hobbit
Important information for disappointed fans...
James Marples
Friday 13 December 2013
The Redemption Reel: After Earth
The Redemption Reel: a second chance for the cinematically crippled and the dramatically destitute to be considered outside the original hype and hysteria that met their silver screen debut.
Josh Mullins
Monday 2 December 2013
Did we dare to think it would get better?
We can with some justification conclude that our Government treats us with breathtaking contempt; experts are ignored, critics rubbished, court decisions not to their liking circumvented.
Martin Manasse
Monday 2 December 2013
The Parable of the Seal on the Tyne
The unexpected sighting of a seal on the river Tyne inspires personal reflections on the river's past, present and future significance.
Lucie Brownlee
Tuesday 19 November 2013
And They Both Lived Bitterly Ever After: Le Weekend Review
Le Weekend leaves a niggling melancholy behind, recognition that all of the greatest love stories we know are just that, stories.
Toni Ford
Thursday 14 November 2013
Sacred Cows and Other Beasts: What if we all got paid the same?
The bin collectors and the heart surgeons – pay 'em all the same!
Peter Mortimer
Wednesday 23 October 2013
Lanterns on the Lake at Think Tank
One of the finest performances of music I've seen in Newcastle.
Joe Horsey
Friday 18 October 2013
Review: The Elephant Man
Shown at Tyneside Cinema as part of the BFI's Gothic Season, John Weddell explores this timeless classic.
John Weddell
Tuesday 15 October 2013
Conversing with Strangers
Conversing with strangers in the most holy of places, the art gallery, is the subject of Museum Hours, a new film by Jem Cohen
Toni Ford
Tuesday 8 October 2013
Sacred Cows and Other Beasts: Bring the House Down
The second in a regular series in which Peter Mortimer takes a sideways look at accepted wisdom.
Peter Mortimer
Saturday 5 October 2013
Laura Marling at the Sage
There was plenty to be admired as Laura Marling took to the stage of a sold-out Hall One at Sage Gateshead on Thursday.
Callum Smith
Wednesday 2 October 2013
Sacred Cows and Other Beasts: The Car is King - Time for an Abdication
The first in a regular series in which Peter Mortimer takes a sideways look at accepted wisdom.
Peter Mortimer
Tuesday 24 September 2013